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Globalization, Americanization and Western Imperialism

Kolawole A. Owolabi


This essay argues that globalization, as it is currently being orchestrated by America, is essentially aimed at the promotion of the imperialistic interests of Western society. This hegemony is sustained by propagating the philosophy of liberalism. Liberalism and its defence of individual autonomy necessarily promotes self-interest, whether at the level of the individual or the state. To avoid the injustice and possible anarchy that may arise as a result of this the philosophy of liberalism must be reviewed, based on criticisms by communitarians. The only way that globalization can attain a just integration and global peace is by jettisoning the individualism of liberalism for the altruism and sense of community of communitarianism.

Journal of Social Development in Africa Vol 16 No 2 2001, pp. 71-92

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eISSN: 1726-3700
print ISSN: 1012-1080