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Substantive equality and women’s rights to sexual and reproductive health in Cameroon

SP Munge


Substantive equality is a very important phenomenon in the promotion of the reproductive health rights of citizens in the developing world in general and Cameroon in particular. The multiplicity of ethnic groups coupled with diverse cultural beliefs and practices impact negatively on the promotion of the notion of substantive equality in Cameroon. Although the preamble to the Cameroonian Constitution recognizes the idea of equal rights for all, the country’s record on promotion of rights associated with reproductive health is below expectations. Hence, it is worth reviewing Cameroon’s achievements, gaps and prospects in regard to the promotion of the doctrine of substantive equality in relation to the reproductive health of women in the country. In this paper, the aspects of domestic violence, abortion, and HIV and AIDS are used as examples in an attempt to analyse the extent to which the notion of substantive equality as provided for under the Cameroonian Constitution, has been implemented, particularly in regard to the reproductive health rights of women.

KEYWORDS: Reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, Cameroon, domestic violence, equality, women

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