An Assessment of Students’ Perceptions of the Quality of Teaching in Public Universities in Uganda

the case of Makerere University

  • Gonzaga Katongole Makerere University
Keywords: Students’ Perceptions, Study Content, Teaching Methods, Lecturers’ Attendance and Punctuality


This paper examines students’ perceptions of the quality of teaching at Makerere University. It is derived from a broader study that examined accountability and service delivery in public universities in Uganda. Specifically, this paper sought to assess students’ satisfaction with the study content and coverage, teaching methods, and lecturers’ attendance and punctuality. Being the oldest public university in Uganda, the researcher believed that Makerere University represented all other public universities in Uganda. The study adopted a cross-sectional survey design and collect data from 397 students out of the total population of 13,203. The findings largely suggested that students were satisfied with the quality of teaching. In relation to course content and coverage, 68% were satisfied, 73% were satisfied with the teaching methods, while 79% were satisfied with teachers’ attendance and punctuality. However, the unsatisfied minority revealed that the study content was too theoretical, and that teaching methods were teacher centred. Students stated that some academics were usually late for lectures, and sometimes they missed lectures without communicating in time one of the reasons being that they had to seek for meals outside the university. The study recommended that to further improve quality teaching, Makerere University should admit students she can adequately provide for, hire more academics, facilitate lecturers to conduct more research, and provide tea and lunch to lecturers while at the university among others. This research carries value to education policy makers and university authorities. The findings can be used by institutions of higher learning to further improve the delivery of quality teaching and learning.


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eISSN: 2070-1748
print ISSN: 2070-1748