The Microbiological quality and some physico-chemical aspects of river, tap and recreational water samples from Nairobi City (Kenya)

  • P B Gathra
  • S M Kariuki
  • J M Mathenga


This study was designed to determine the bacteriological quality and some physico-chemical qualities of river, domestic and swimming pool water in Nairobi area. A total of 52 samples were analyzed. Out of these 20were from swimming pools, 18 were tap and 14 were river sample. The temperature means of swimming pool water was 21.4oC tap water 21.2 oC, and river 20.6 oC while Ph values were 7.8, 6.8 and 6.8 respectively. The fluoride levels were 0.87ppm for swimming pool water with a range of 0.19 to 2.3ppm. Chloride levels ranged from 3ppm for swimming pools to 0 in river water. The total bacteria count (TBC) for swimming pool water was between 0 and 1.2×103 0 to 6.89 ×101 for tap water and a mean of 2.404 × 104 for river water. The most probable number of coliforms per 100ml was 3.7 for swimming pool water, 42.2 for tap water and 180 for river water. All river, swimming pool and 21.4% of domestic samples. 30% of swimming pool water, 37.5% of domestic water and 71.4% of river water samples were positive for feacal streptococci. 12, (87.5%) river water samples, 2 (10%) swimming pool and 2 (10%) swimming pool and 2spp. was found in 6(49.2%) of the river water samples. The significant and implications of these results as relates to the user of the water are discussed.

The Kenya Veterinarian Vol. 27 2004: pp. 61-64

eISSN: 0256-5161