Towards the digitalization of the health sector: Case of the SIHATIC project in the context of the covid 19 pandemic

  • Mohammed Amine Brahami
  • Hicham Mourad Dergal


The objective of this work is to take stock of the first steps of the digitization of the health sector, in particular, on the "SIHATIC" project. Thus, to understand the contribution of the digital and ICT in improving the management of health sector institutions. And to know if this digitalization can provide solutions to the problems encountered and contribute to the establishment of a more efficient and interactive medicine or it represents only a fad with few positive contributions on medical practice in health institutions? As a result of this work, we can say that Algeria has made the necessary efforts for access to these technologies, and that their benefits in this health sector are no longer to be proven, but the results are not satisfactory enough for multiple reasons.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2600-6294