Future prospects the Saharan tourism According to the strategic program for the year 2030 Sawra area (model)

  • أستاذ محاضر قسم أ جامعة طاهري محمد بشار
  • بن أحمد سميرة


The importance of the accelerated growth of tourism around sustainable development thinking and environmental planning is the need for greater and increased attention on the part of individual and institutional international actors and has served as a key basis for various tourism development projects that protect and promote the future growth of the sector, minimize negative impacts on the environment and generate income for local communities. The importance of this study lies in the fact that it highlights the importance of the Tourism Development Programme 2030 (SDAT) in supporting and developing tourism activities in accordance with strategies consistent with the concept of sustainability. The study covered the Sawara region as a model for desert tourism. (2016-2020), which found that the contribution of the region's tourism development guideline remains very limited and far removed from the policies and objectives of the programme for sustainable tourism development in the region.


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