Bancassurance in China, Which Lessons for Algeria?

  • حابي عبد اللطيف
  • خلوف ياسين
  • مرقوم كلثوم


This research aims to study the extent of Bancassurance developpement in China , since it is considered to be the second largest asian market after south Korea with that regard , that trend was adopted by the banks according to the liberalization procedures that affected the insurance sector in different countries which aims to distribute insurance products through banks, As in the Chinese experiment, Algeria, like other countries, and due to the promulgation of Law 06/04 of 20/02/2006 amending and supplementing Ordinance n ° 95/07 of 25/01/1995 relating to insurance allowing banks to market insurance products, has seen the introduction of Bancassurance, whose main objective is to expand their fields of intervention and to offer financial products to meet the needs of their customers,


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eISSN: 2600-6294