The financial system as an effective mechanism to achieve and support economic growth (Algeria Stock Exchange 2006- 7102 as a model)

  • سعادي محمد عماد الدين
  • طيبي بومدين


The financial system is a cornerstone of any economic system, as it plays a major role in developing and regulating methods for financing projects, raising the level of investment rates, as well as financing development, which contributes to increasing the rate of economic growth, through the mechanisms and functions of financial institutions. We have tried, through this study, to know the extent of the financial sector’s contribution to achieving and supporting economic growth in Algeria during the period from 2006-2017, as it concluded that despite all the financial reforms adopted by Algeria in this regard, they failed and did not amount to economic growth and development financing, and nor to the creation and development of a satisfactory economic awareness among all persons.


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eISSN: 2600-6294