The role of civil society in the implementation of institutional governance in Algeria.The case of associative bodies of the wilaya of tlemcen

  • lزو 1زواد نسيمة
  • بن يخلف زهرة


This article tends to highlight the role of civil society in the embodiment of institutional governance in Algeria. We first, determine the conceptual framework of civil society in link to institutional governance as an effective strategic process, mainly in the fight against corruption. Exploring the case of civil society bodies of the wilaya of Tlemcen, a structural equations model ( SEM) has been applied to measure the indicators of effectiveness of civil society and its relationship with the criteria of transparency and accountability; as main components of institutional governance; addressing to the role of civil society. The study has shown a positive impact of civil society over accountability action including monitoring and law enforcement; which is indeed, focal aspect in the embodiment of institutional governance.


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eISSN: 2600-6294