Humanities and Sciences as Complementary Aspects of an Afrikan=Black Whole: Evidence from Archeoastronomy

  • Obádélé Bakari Kambon
  • Yaw Mankatah Asare
Keywords: archeoastronomy; complementarity; archeogeography; STEAM; Kmt


In ancient Afrika, science, technology, engineering and mathematics were not seen as separate from or at odds with what is now referred to in English as the Humanities. Focusing on archeoastronomy of  Kmt ‘land of Black people (i.e. Ancient Egypt)’, we demonstrate that the scientific principles used to build pyramids, temples, and other edifices were rooted in and fused with Afrikan systems of deep thought and spirituality. The method adopted in this study examines alignments of structures of  Kmt ‘land of Black people’ with respect to solar and celestial phenomena in an attempt to establish systematic patterns and correlations between architectural alignments and astronomical phenomena. This method is adopted to show the relationship between structures constructed and knowledge of the oneness of humanities and sciences. Therefore, in this study, we find that the dichotomization and fragmentation of knowledge and disciplines should move towards a more holistic  Kmtyw ‘Black people, people of Kmt’ perspective.



Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2458-746X
print ISSN: 0855-1502