Shifting the paradigm: Multiple mode assessment strategies in distance teacher training programme for inclusivity

  • KP Quan-Baffour
Keywords: distance education, distance teacher education, authentic assessment, paradigm shift in assessment


Assessment is central to the acquisition of competencies among distance teacher trainees. Traditional assessment measures knowledge and skills of distance teacher trainees in a narrow and inadequate manner using time-limited tests or examinations which fail to capture in entirety what the students know and are really capable of doing. To assess distance teacher trainees in a fair and authentic manner calls for a shift of the paradigm from ‘once off’ to a multiple mode assessment. The shift would involve teacher trainees in assessment strategies that provide them with the opportunities to demonstrate their competencies in various ways. This paper proposes multiple assessment modes to make assessment more inclusive. The broad and integrated approach could capture the
competencies of teacher trainees at a distance in various ways. It may give a more holistic picture of a student’s performance and ability than a single ‘shot’ measure. The movement from a single mode to multi-dimensional assessment strategies may demonstrate an institution’s shift towards the ethos of openness in its discourse and assessment practices
that measure student competencies from various angles.

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eISSN: 0855-4706