Philosophy in contemporary time: Relevance vs. Public perception

  • CO Abakare
  • VC Okeke
Keywords: Philosophy, Contemporary, Reason, Public Perception, Societal Development


What is the relevance of philosophy in this contemporary time? Philosophy is viewed by many people as an irrelevant discipline- one of no social and/or practical significance. It is sometimes seen also as an abstract and drab enterprise fit only for the  intellectuals. Overtime also, philosophy has come to be perceived as having enjoyed its relevance in the past and no longer has any relevance in this era of “science and technology”. However, certain questions arise: Given this perception, is philosophy actually of any relevance to the contemporary society? In practical terms, what are the roles of philosophy to society? Using the traditional philosophical method of analysis and exposition, this paper finds that philosophy plays and continues to play a vital role in contemporary society. The paper submits that philosophy is essential for an all-encompassing human development. As philosophy trains the human mind to reason correctly and rationally, the paper recommends a little bit of philosophy for all in the different levels of the educational sector. This proper training of the human mind with the tool of philosophy translates to human cum societal enhancement.

Keywords: Philosophy, Contemporary, Reason, Public Perception, Societal Development


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print ISSN: 2346-7126