Atypical Presentation and Treatment of Large Facial Neuroma: Case Report and Review

  • Keith Simfukwe
  • Sherzod Shamsuloev
  • Musa Gerald
  • Chmutin Egor Gennadevich


Background: Facial nerve neuromas (FNN) are significantly rare brain tumors. Our objective is to report a case of an atypical presentation and treatment of a large facial nerve neuroma. We review current literature and discuss issues pertaining to postoperative outcomes of large facial neuromas.
Method: We retrospectively reviewed a case of patient who presented in our center with atypical symptoms of a large intracranial facial neuroma
(schwannoma), our approach to treatment,outcome and combined it with review of current literature. A review of the current literature was performed by extrapolating data relating to clinical and management details pertaining to FNN, currently listed on the Google scholar, Clinical- database, and PubMed. This information was tabulated and compared with our experience.
Conclusion: Large facial nerves neuromas (FNN) are very rare brain tumors which may coexist with the patient without debilitating symptoms.  When diagnosed, individualized approached to archive maximal resection while preserving surrounding cranial nerves and brain stem function must be the goal. Intraoperative patient positioning, is vital for attaining maximal view, brain relaxation and minimal bleeding.


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eISSN: 0047-651X
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