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Comment: The Normative Framework of the African Human Rights Regime on the Rights of Minorities

B Dessalegn


Minority issues in Africa have surfaced in various dimensions affecting the
socio-political landscape of the continent. The protection of minorities is
without doubt crucial to securing sustainable peace, economic development
as well as protection and enforcement of human rights. Even though domestic mechanisms of accommodating ethnic diversity play a decisive role in the protection of minorities, the African human rights regime is also important in the protection of minorities. The African Bill of Rights embodies numerous innovative provisions which can lend support to the various minorities in Africa. The ground-breaking decisions by the African Commission also add to the existing normative discourse on minorities, especially, those dealing with peoples’ rights. However, there is still much to be desired for in extending normative and jurisprudential exercises to reach out to minority issues of all sorts.

Key words: Minority Rights, African Bill of Rights, Ethnic diversity, Peoples’ right, Africa
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