Revisiting human behaviour in relation to HIV/AIDS

  • CR Bandawe


It is widely recognised that human behaviour change is a key element in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The reality of the situation however is that the current approaches to instigating sexual behaviour change appear to have borne little fruit. This paper shall argue that in the fight against HIV/AIDS, a fundamental error is made in the numerous outreach programmes that exist within Malawi and elsewhere. This error is grounded in the assumptions that are made about how persons respond to the messages garnered to the control of the disease. Until this mistaken assumption is addressed, it is argued that no serious headway shall be made in the control of this disease, which threatens the very fabric of the Malawi nation.

[Malawi Med J. Vol.14(2) 2002:27-28]

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eISSN: 1995-7262
print ISSN: 1995-7262