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Radiation dose assessment for occupationally exposed workers in Malawi

Getrude Chinangwa, Joseph K. Amoako, John J. Fletcher


Background The objective of this study was to assess individual doses received by radiographers, and the scattered radiation dose rate reaching the control panel in X-ray departments of three hospitals in Malawi, in-order to compare them against the internationally recommended limits.
Methods Themoluminescent Dosimeters were issued to fifteen (15) radiographers to record their dose for a month. Dose rate measurements were recorded using survey meters.
Results Average monthly dose for workers was 0.247mSv. Average ambient dose rate values were 0.39μSv/hr for Mtengo wa Nthenga Hospital, 5.03μSv/hr for Bwaila Hospital and 4μSv/hr for Kamuzu Central Hospital.
Conclusions Dose levels are below the limits recommended by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP).
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