Haemoperitoneum following coitus with no associated vaginal injury

  • JE Ekabua
  • TU Agan
  • EI Ekanem
  • CU Iklaki
  • IH Itam
Keywords: post-coital haemoperitoneum, no evident vaginal injury


Postcoital haemoperitoneum resulting in shock rarely occur without evident vaginal injury. A 24 year old Para 0 ±4 women presented to the emergency unit in shock with a history of fainting attack and severe absominal pain of 6 hours duration. Pain was felt immediately after coitus and was so severe that the patient had a blackout. Ultrasound scan revealed a left adnexal mass and fluid in the peritoneal cavity. At laparatomy more than 2 litres of fresh blood was found in the peritoneal cavity. The left ovary was enlarged by a haemorrhagic cyst with 3 bleeding points. The left fallopian tube was slightly oedematous with 2 areas of haemorrhagic spots but no obvious bleedig. Left ovarian cystectomy was done. Haemostasis was secured.

Mary Slessor Journal of Medicine Vol. 5(2) 2005: 70-72

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eISSN: 1119-409X
print ISSN: 1119-409X