Traditional African Religions (TARs): on HIV/AIDS, health and morality in Africa

  • T Naisiko


Traditional African Religions (TARs) played a big role in the well-being of the people especially in the field of health in the context of the World Health Organization definition. Unfortunately, they do not seem to have been given consideration in the fight against the current AIDS epidemic and its consequences. TARS being the custody of the survival strategies of living healthily on the African continent, disregarding them, means that the African system of self-governance is destroyed. As a result, people do not seem to know how to handle their lives and are vulnerable to a lot of social evils, HIV/AIDS inclusive. This is because the moral guidance put forward by African religions is underestimated; hence making HIV/AIDS more of a moral problem. Rethinking the dialogue with TARs, will help in setting appropriate means of enhancing health in a broad sense and living in human dignity in Africa.

Mtafiti Mwafrika Vol. 15 2005: pp. 1-36

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eISSN: 1607-0011