Maritime labour convention 2006: implications for seafarers after a decade

  • Olukayode Olalekan Aguda
Keywords: Seafarers, Maritime Labour Convention, Ships, Abandonment


The protection of seafarers and the enforcement of their rights under national and international law has been an issue of great concern in recent years. This paper examined whether the current legal framework provides sufficient support for seafarers and to assess potential options for reform. In carrying out this study, the primary international legislation which is the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 was considered and focus was on two jurisdictions, Panama and Philippine, which are of significant importance to the maritime world. The use of relevant journals and texts contributed to the discourse and opinions of key researchers in maritime law and practice was helpful in the analysis. This study found out that there are in existence some elements of protection available for the seafarers in the Maritime Labour Convention 2006. However, these provisions have suffered from poor implementation and inadequacy. It is acknowledged that steps have been taken to amend some of these provisions; however it is important that regular and consistent amendments should be effected as concerns are being raised by the seafarers as regards improvements in their rights and obligations.

Keywords: Seafarers, Maritime Labour Convention, Ships, Abandonment


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print ISSN: 2276-7371