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Effectiveness of Nigeria’s international obligations in curbing domestic violence

Ifeoma Pamela Enemo


Domestic violence is a global problem which cuts across race, ethnicity and geographical location. It is a serious universal scourge pervading every society and thus calling for serious attention and action. African women, like their counterparts all over the world, suffer domestic violence irrespective of class, age, religion or social status. In Nigeria, domestic violence has become endemic; a social, economic and health concern. This paper examines the issue of domestic violence in Nigeria to determine the effectiveness of Nigeria’s international obligations in curbing the menace, suggesting how best to make these international instruments relating to domestic violence even more effective in their application. The need for a final solution cannot be over-emphasised, thus the need to make the international instruments more effective. The paper suggests that Judges should be bold and courageous in interpreting the Constitution and laws of the land so as to link them up with the international treaties even if not domesticated. The article concludes that ratified international treaties would be more effective if used as additional resources for curtailing the abuse of victims of domestic violence.

Keywords: Domestic violence, Treaties, Effective, Nigeria