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Some religio-cultural practices against the property rights of women and children in Nigeria and specified African countries

Musa Y. Suleiman
Abiodun Amuda-Kannike


Most African ethnic groups treat women as property to their husbands and could be inherited1 but without inheritance rights at all or with unequal  rights tilted in favour of males2 especially in rural areas3. This inquiry  sought the impediments to the realisation of the customary inheritance rights of African women and children and how to overcome them. Review of articles in journals, internet based materials consisting of reports of  interviews of victims of inhuman customary practices, books, statutes and case law from some African countries was the analytical approach employed in this inquiry. Latest legislative and judicial attitudes were found to be intolerant of these practices but ignorance, poverty, etc. of victims is the setback. Sanctions on erring states members could secure compliance with charters/protocols that guarantee these rights; states and Human right groups’ interventions could provide the enlightenment and financial support needed by rural dwellers to assert their rights.

Keywords: Property Rights, Women and Children, Religio-cultural Practices, Nigeria, Some other African Countries