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Nigerian copyright system in the mordern age and its implications

Chudi Nwabachili
Noel Udeoji


This paper makes the assertion that though modern age provides window of opportunity for users and businesses, for speedy, cheap and global dissemination of information, knowledge, research, and entertainment through the internet, easy access to these technology has made duplication of works such as literary, musical and artistic works, movies, and video recordings, and so on. very anonymous, effortless and low-cost, thereby making the survival of copyright system more difficult Having faced with the difficulty of determining eligibility, protection and infringement of certain works particularly computer programs and software in a nonconventional system, the technological evolution has become a breeding tool for piracy, copying, distribution, and selling of another’s intellectual works without authorization. This work seeks to consider the requirement of sufficient effort and fixation; fair use as an exception to copyright infringement; and identification of modern age copyright infringement activities that poses threat to protection of works in Nigeria and its implications. It also appraises how the copyright regime has fared in the face of modern day reality. Being that for a work to be protected, it does not require the creator’s personal intellectual creativity, it is enough if sufficient skills, judgment and labour is contributed in making the work. It is therefore recommended that identifiable implementable solution, which includes use of digital technologies in combating these challenges be adopted to strengthen the copyright system in Nigeria.

Key Words: Copyright, Modern Age, Infringement of Copyright, Digital Networks