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Appraisal of the protection of the rights of suspects under the Cameroonian criminal procedure code

Nana Charles Nguindip
Fon Fielding Forsuh
Nah Anthony Tetiewe


Crime commission is an inescapable peculiarity in any given and recognized society operating under the canopy of established rules and regulations. Cameroon has engaged huge steps in inaugurating credible laws, all in the preservation and protection of  fundamental human rights of suspects. The paper sets out to determine whether the judicial Police in the course of carrying out its duty in the investigative phase of the criminal proceedings respect the rights of parties especially those pertaining to the suspect.
The paper establishes that, it is the responsibility and role of the investigating police in carrying out investigation, respect the due process of the law in the course of investigation. Hence, their act should not contravene the right of the suspect or accused in question. In achieving the said objective above, a doctrinal methodology approach was adopted. The judicial police should respect the provisions of the criminal procedure code when matters or issue of investigation is concerned. The basic tenet is that, when issues of investigation are not respected by the Cameroonian police, gross violations of the criminal processes are always experienced, and this greatly affects
the objective of criminal law being that of protecting the rights and dignity of every citizen.

Keywords: Judicial Police, Respect of Suspect Right, Criminal Proceedings, Criminal Procedure Code

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print ISSN: 2276-7371