Appraisal of the principle of burden-sharing in refugee protection

  • John Aku Ambi


The issue of refugees and internally displaced persons is a recurring decimal, which is precipitated by the fact that societies, communities and nations have always had reasons to be entangled in conflicts with one another. Often times these conflicts result in violence and this violence brings about the displacement of people, who then seek refuge either within national boundaries or outside national boundaries. Victims of such conflicts who seek safe havens outside their national boundaries are termed refugees. The bond of humanity and international solidarity has always driven other people and nations to cater for such people who flee from crises and conflict zones. This article therefore x-rayed the principle of burden-sharing in refugee protection. The doctrinal method was consequently adopted in the conduct of the research. A historical overview of how the principle evolved was undertaken, citing several documented efforts at the international level. The paper also appraised the practice of the principle of burden-sharing. Challenges currently bedeviling the practice of the principle were also discussed. It was recommended that a holistic international legal framework be put in place by the UN to make burden-sharing a binding obligation on Member States.


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print ISSN: 2276-7371