An evaluation of the role of the Nigerian ports authority in the protection of Nigeria’s marine environment

  • Abdulkadir Bolaji Abdulkadir
  • Abdulkareem Ademola Mashood


The marine environment is facing a number of pressures, arising out of the needs of people, and the multiple uses that coastal and marine areas can be put to. These pressures contribute to the depletion of marine resources and degradation of the marine environment. There is therefore the need for the proper management and protection of marine resources through the aid of institutional framework. No amount or quantity of legislations can effectively protect the marine environment without the aid of institutional framework. It is on this premise that this paper examines the role of the Nigerian Port Authority in the protection of marine environment. The discussion in this paper is limited to namely: the importance of Nigerian maritime environment, the key challenges to marine environment and the role of Nigerian Port Authority in the security of maritime environment with a view to make the necessary suggestions to improve the system.


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print ISSN: 2276-7371