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Covid-19 pandemic, poverty and inequality in Africa: An appraisal

C.C. Obi-Ochiabutor
C.A. Ogbuabor
E. Akpamgbo
C. Iyidiobi
B.I. Ogbuabor


Africa has just hit an agonising milestone as the continent recently experienced multiple deaths from COVID-19. Yet, the pandemic threatens to scar the continent in other ways, such as deepening the divide between the rich and poor, hence exacerbating inequality. Before the pandemic, inequality between and within continents had been a key impediment to sustainable development and social justice. Today, with the pandemic, African countries require huge financial help to cope with the attendant socioeconomic costs, in addition to emergency health spending. But with the corruption in Africa at its peak, the funds available scarcely reach those that are in dire need of them. This result in increased inequality because countries are left saddled with public debt for money lost to corruption. Using Nigeria as case study, this paper shall submit practical ways of mobilising Africans to disentangle from this chain of poverty and inequalities and the attendant socioeconomic servitude.

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print ISSN: 2276-7371