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Assessing the limitations and exceptions to copyright infringement: Nigeria in perspective

Temitope Oloko


This article gives an analysis of the limitations and exceptions in the Copyright Law of Nigeria. The paper dwells on the excusable uses of a work that does not infringe on the creator’s rights as well as examines the extent of these rights and how far they have been controlled or abused. The paper is divided into four distinct but interdependent parts. The first part consists of the introductory part, which includes the definition and meaning of copyright, as well as the nature of protection under copyright law of Nigeria. The second part of the paper is subdivided into two parts; the first subdivision discusses the limitation and exceptions to the Nigerian copyright laws as contained in paragraphs A, H, K, Q and S of the second schedule to the Nigeria Copyright Act (NCA). The third part of this paper is subdivided into parts, each part comprehensively discusses the limitations and exceptions to copyright infringement in Nigeria. The last part of the paper concludes that the issue of copyright limitation and exceptions carries a lot of weight; they are necessary in this part of the world where access to educational material can be a challenge.