Child Bride and Child Sex: Combating Child Marriages in Nigeria

  • O Iyabode


This paper considers the basis of child marriages in Northern Nigeria. It is an Islamic practice rooted in the interpretation of the Quran. Significantly, the caveat that copulation should be delayed until such girls are mature is often ignored as these child brides are engaged in sex. This paper analyzes the report of a Senator in Nigeria married to a 13-year old bride. More painfully, he divorced a 15-year-old child bride who already had a child for him. It argues that such young teenagers may not be able to give informed consent to the marriage. In addition, because of their tender years, they are unable to express their sexual autonomy. Against this background, it canvasses that the implications of this practice are multi dimensional, drawing from the Yemen example. It analyzes the provisions of Child Rights Act on child marriages against the background of other jurisdictions. This paper concludes that the practice can be jettisoned highlighting the Egyptian example.

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print ISSN: 2276-7371