Institutional Mechanisms for Human Rights Protection in Nigeria: An Appraisal

  • SO Nnamani


Human rights are guaranteed in the constitutions of various countries of the world. There are legal and institutional mechanisms for protecting the human rights guaranteed in these constitutions. This paper has focused on the institutional mechanisms for human rights protection in Nigeria. The meaning, features and importance of human rights are dealt with in the introduction. This paper discussed three major institutions that are involved in the protection of human rights within Nigeria. These are: the National Human Rights Commission, the Public Complaints Commission and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It discussed the mandate statutorily given National Human Rights Commission, its activities and the complaint mechanism. The Public Complaints Commission is discussed in line with its powers and duties under the law that established it. The writer noted that while the first two institutions discussed are permanent in nature, the last is ad hoc. This paper concludes by making some recommendations that will strengthen these institutions in the discharge of their duties under enabling laws. It must be pointed out that the court is a major institution involved in the protection of the first generation rights. However, the role of the court will not be discussed in this article.

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