Cigarette smoking, snuff use and alcohol drinking: the associated risk behaviour for oral health in young Indian males

  • S Manipal
  • R Ramya
  • D Prabu
  • N Naveen
  • PA Vidya
Keywords: Smoking, alcohol drinking, risk, behaviour, oral health, young males


Objective: To determine patterns of tobacco chewing, smoking and alcohol drinking in a sample of young males

Method: The subjects answered a questionnaire concerning tobacco smoking habits, snuffing habits, consumption of alcohol and subjective evaluation of periodontal health and oral mucosa. The subjects with tobacco and alcohol use, were subjected to thorough clinical examination of the oral cavity for the evaluation of the periodontal health and the oral mucosa.

Result: The study showed that about 30% of subjects reported the use of tobacco in either chewing or smoking form. On clinical examination of the oral cavity, chronic smokers were found to be significantly affected with periodontitis (5.1%), in the form of pocket formation or recession, or both(Odds Ratio= .118, 95% Confidence Interval: .027-.511). And 8.4% of the sample had changes in their oral mucosa due to chronic tobacco use and others (Odds Ratio = 8.796, 95% Confidence Interval : 2.094- 36.949).

Conclusion: Both tobacco use and alcohol drinking have been independently associated with a variety of pathological oral conditions in adults. Their effect on oral health need to be investigated in prospective studies and should be of concern to the dental professionals.

Key words: Smoking, alcohol drinking, risk, behaviour, oral health, young males.


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