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Marjolin’s Ulcers: A Review

KO Opara
IC Otene


Background: Marjolin's ulcers though thoughtto be rare have been reported to have a higher incidence in sub-Saharan Africa. These tumours typically run an aggressive course with a poor prognosis. Late presentation has been reported to be typical of these cancers and some of the reasons adduced for this, are difficulties in both clinical and pathological diagnosis. This review therefore aims at enlightening the medical community on Marjolin's ulcers with a view to improving early recognition, treatment and outcome.
Method: Literatures on marjolin's ulcers were sourced from available journals and internet based searches using Pubmed, Medline and Google search.
Results: The incidence of Marjolin's ulcers appears higher in developing countries. First recognized in the first century AD, a lot is yet to be  understood about the evolution of these cancers. Late presentation still remains a feature of this pathology even in recent times. Prognosis improves drastically with early recognition and treatment.
Conclusion: The key to improving outcome in Marjolin's ulcers is early recognition and adequate treatment.

Key Words: Marjolin's Ulcers; Review; Literature