Sterilization and Disinfection Practices in Selected Dental Clinics in Cameroon

  • M.A Agbor
  • C.C Azodo


To assess the sterilization and disinfection practices in selected dental clinics in Cameroon. The study conducted in the second half of 2009 included 41 dental clinics in 4 out of the 10 provinces in Cameroon. Questionnaire was used to obtain information about the ownership and location of the clinic, washing and packing of dental equipments, methods of sterilization and its monitoring, handpiece hygiene, suction tubing renewal, disinfection and types of the disinfectants and source of water utilized in the dental clinics. Out of the 41 clinics studied, 16 (39.0%) were Government dental clinics, 14 (34.1%) Missionary dental clinics and 11 (26.8%) Private dental clinics. Hot air oven was the commonest method of sterilization and in 26 (65.0%) of the clinic handpiece was sterilized or disinfected after use for each patient. A quarter (24.4%) of the clinic have experienced problem with the functionality of the sterilizer. A total of 21 (51.2%) of the clinic stored dental instrument in the cupboard. Household bleach was the principal utilized disinfectant and source was water used in the clinic was from tap water. There is need for improvement in sterilization and disinfection practices in Cameroon dental clinics. Establishment of monitoring agency, continuing education programs and short-time courses on disinfection and sterilization are advocated inorder to achieve optimal disinfection and sterilization practices in dental practices.

Key words: sharps, injury, assessment, Cameroon, dental profes


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eISSN: 1597-7889