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A Process Technology For Conversion Of Dried Cassava Chips Into “Gari”

OB Oluwole
OO Olatunji
SA Odunfa


“Gari”, made from fermented bitter Cassava roots (Manihot esculenta crantz) were successfully processed from already dried Cassava chips at 7% moisture level. Cassava mash at 67% moisture was prepared from dried Cassava chips. This was seeded severally with fresh cassava mash and fermented for 72hours.

The total titratable acidity in the “Gari” samples during the 72h period of fermentation ranged from 0.014 – 0.054% lactic acid, the pH changes ranged between 4.1 and 4.4, the frying time of seeded chips into “Gari” ranged between 31-35 minutes and required a period of 28minutes in frying unseeded chips into “Gari”. The yield of “Gari” from the seeded dried chips ranged from 83.33% - 85.0% and a yield value of 24.9% of “Gari” was obtained from fresh roots. Pasting properties of the “Gari” samples from the seeded chips showed that “Gari” obtained from 15% seeded chips had a maximum viscosity value of 515BU, which is comparable to 520BU in commercial “Gari”. Sensory evaluation indicated that 5% and 15% seeded Cassava chips gave good quality “Gari” which is suitable for making traditional “Gari” paste (Eba). Also 5% and 10% seeded Cassava chips gave acceptable “Gari” suitable for drinking at 5% level of significance.

Key words: Seeding, Fermentation, Dried Cassava Chips, Pasting, Sensory evaluation.

Nigerian Food Journal Vol.22 2004: 65-77