Effects Of Substituting Honey For Sucrose In Bread Making

  • DC Ebiringa Imo State University Owerri
  • SI Echebiri Imo State University Owerri
Keywords: Bread, Sugar, Honey substituting


The effects of substituting honey for sucrose in bread making were investigated. Honey and sucrose were mixed in the proportions of 0.100, 25:75, 50:50, 75:25 and 100:0 respectively and used to produce 5 samples of bread. The chemical composition and physical properties of major ingenerate (wheat flour), honey and the bread samples were determined. Sensory evaluation was also conducted on the bread samples. The results showed that honey contained 16:63% moisture, 30.85% dextrose, 38.33& fructose, 0.07% ash, 0.2 total acids; the pH, specific gravity and free acidity gave values of 4.35, 1.403 and 21.75 meq/kg respectively. The composition of the wheat flour was as follows: 11.75% moisture, 0.45% ash, 10.5% protein and 69.0% carbohydrates. Results of physical tests for the bread samples indicated that replacement of sucrose with honey at all levels of dissolution increased moistness significantly (P<0.05) while ash and bread volume did not change significantly at all levels of dilution. The sensory evaluation of the bread samples revealed that addition of honey increased its aroma in bread. Though there was significant difference in taste (P< 0.05) it is evident from this study that acceptable bread could be made using honey and sucrose in the proportion of 25:75.
Key words: Bread, Sugar, Honey substituting
Nigerian Food Journal Vol.22 2004: 189-194

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eISSN: 0189-7241