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Nutritional and sensory attributes of soy-supplemented cereal meals

M O Alabi
J C Anuonye


Soy flour, cereal flour and starch were prepared with slight modifications of the traditional methods. Cereal starch and flour were then fortified with soy flour in a ratio of 3:1
(w/w) of cereal starch flour to soy flour and were used to prepare dumplings breakfast meals and cakes. Unfortified meals were prepared as control samples. Sensory analysis
and proximate composition of both fortified and unfortified samples were determined. The results showed that the acceptability of fortified samples were over 60% in all parameters tested. Proximate composition indicated increases of 100% in the protein content of fortified meals with concomitant decreases in carbohydrate content. The fortification of these catering products is one sure way of improving the nutritional status of many in our society.

Keywords: Soy flour, cereal flour, starch, supplement,

Nigerian Food Journal Vol. 25 (1) 2007: pp. 100-110