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Preliminary investigation into some quality control indices for selected stored grains in Makurdi, Nigeria

S E Obetta
C Daniel


An investigation of some quality control indices of selected grains stored in various locations in Makurdi farming environment was carried out. Grain quality factors are
classified into those measurable defects as broken grains, insect damage, mould infestation, presence of foreign materials, and moisture content which determines the
storage stability of most grains in the stored structures. Based on the indices mentioned above, an analytical investigation was conducted. An average of 500 gm of grain samples, made up of four (4) crops, eleven (11) varieties resulting in 44 samples and 308 checks in four replications were prepared and quality measures evaluated. Results from these evaluations were compared with the standards of both local and international nature. Results showed that most grains used in Makurdi farming environment did not pass these quality standards. The failure of these tests was attributed to the pre- and postharvest
management practices, such as harvesting, primary processing and the defective storage structures common with producers and vendors of grains in this area.

Keywords: Grain quality, factor indices, primary processing, Storage structures

Nigerian Food Journal Vol. 25 (1) 2007: pp. 117-129