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Shelf-Life Extension Studies of Akara Spiced with Crude Extract of <i>Aframomum danielli</i>

AO Falola
CC Okoro
GO Adegoke


The effects of Aframomum danielli crude antioxidant extract on storability of akara were investigated. Physical and chemical characteristics of oils used for frying were also assessed. Akara balls were spiced with Aframomum danielli crude antioxidant extract at; 100ppm, 200ppm, 300ppm, 400ppm, 500ppm and 1000ppm. Untreated sample without A. danielli was also prepared. Proximate
composition and sensory attributes of the treated akara were determined. Sensory evaluation results showed that there was no
significant difference (P<0.5) among the treated and untreated samples in terms of taste, colour, flavour and overall acceptability with the exception of 1000ppm sample which was unacceptable in all attributes except flavour irrespective of the oil used. The same observation
was revealed with the akara fried in groundnut oil and palm oil but the palm oil masked the flavour of the A. danielli to some extent. Storage stability test indicated that A. danielli akara samples had average antioxidant effectiveness that ranged between 38.28% to 74.72% and
24.00% to 59.01% for akara fried in groundnut oil and palm oil respectively for storage period of about 2 weeks for the concentration range of 100ppm to 1000ppm. A. danielli antioxidant extract exhibited inhibitory effects on spoilage microorganisms both at ambient and refrigeration conditions. Conclusively, akara treated with 100ppm –
500ppm A. danielli extract were generally acceptable and the akara were shelf stable at the levels of between 300 – 500ppm.