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Comparative Evaluation of Gari Samples Produced from Fresh Cassava Roots and Dried Cassava Chips.

FC Ekwu
C Ehirim


Gari was produced from fresh cassava roots and dried cassava chips from four cassava cultivars; (TMS 98/2101, TMS 97/4779, TMS 91/02324 and NR87184). The gari samples were analyzed for chemical properties and sensory qualities. Results showed that gari obtained from the chips compared favourably with gari obtained from fresh cassava roots in terms of the protein, carbohydrate and energy content. However, the HCN content of gari samples from dry chips was significantly lower than (p< 0.05) the HCN of gari from fresh roots. The result also revealed a significant reduction in HCN content of gari produced with addition of oil and also significant increase in the energy content. Sensory evaluation result indicated that gari from fresh cassava roots was preferred more by
consumers than gari processed from the dried chips. The white gari from TMS 98/2101 produced most preferred ‘eba’ (gari dough) while the dough made from yellow gari processed from TMS97/4779 was preferred.