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Effect of Soaking Time on Proximate and Mineral Compositions and Anti-Nutritional Factors of Yellow Maize (zea mays)

NE Obasi
CO Wogu


Effect of soaking time on some composition of yellow maize was investigated. Yellow maize seeds (Zea mays) were soaked in deionized water for 12, 24, 36 and 48 hours respectively followed by draining, drying and milling. The unsoaked seeds were milled and served as the
control. Proximate and mineral compositions as well as antinutritional factors such as phytates, tannins, oxalates and trypsin inhibitors were determined using standard procedures. Results were compared in the raw and soaked maize respectively. The moisture levels in maize increased with soaking time (11.27% to 16.73%) and were
significantly different (P.0.05) in all samples. Variation in protein contents of samples was not significantly different (P.0.05). Ash content generally reduced with soaking time and fat content also varied. Crude fibre content of all the samples were significantly different (P.0.05) and reduced as soaking time increased (1.53 to 0.85%). There was no significant difference in the carbohydrate content of all the
samples. All the anti nutritional factors investigated reduced significantly (P.0.05) with soaking time. Consequently, all the mineral contents increased significantly (P.0.05) with increase in soaking time.