Production and quality evaluation of probiotic soy milk

  • JE Onyibe
  • S Ojeniyi
  • AO Bankole
  • DO Teniola
  • PU Ugokwe
  • JI Mordi
  • M Etoamaihe
Keywords: Soy milk, probiotic, shelf life, sensory evaluation, quality.


Soy milk is produced from a protein rich legume with high nutritional value. Adding probiotic agent(s) to soy milk increases its health value. In this study, soy milk and probiotic soy milk samples were produced, their qualities evaluated and shelf life at different temperatures of storage
monitored. Products were of good taste and acceptable quality. Produced soy milk and probiotic soy milk samples had less than 48hrs shelf life at room temperature (28-300C), 2 weeks at 4-80C and over 1 month at -70C as determined using changes in taste, odour, appearance and
counts of probiotic isolates. The probiotic isolates HM7 and CHC survived well in soy milk and maintained good counts during the study period.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0189-7241