Microfilms packaging and coating: effects on shelf life and quality of African pear (Dacryodes edulis) fruits

  • EC Nwanekezi
Keywords: African pear fruits, microfilms, coating materials, ambient and refrigeration temperatures and shelf life


Studies on storage potential of African pear fruits (APFs) were conducted using three packaging microfilms (low density polyethylene, low density polypropylene and highdensity polypropylene) and three coating materials (sheanut butter, palm oil and paraffin wax). The packaged and coated APFs were separately stored at ambient temperature  (300±30C) and two refrigeration temperatures (100C and
50C). Among all the packaged and coated pears held at 300±30C, only the low density polyethylene packaged ones were able to remain wholesome beyond six days maximum storage period for untreated pears held at same ambient temperature. And among the three coating materials, paraffin wax was the best for APFs held at cold storage
temperatures of 100C and 50C. At these two refrigeration  temperatures, the shelf life periods of the paraffin coated pears were extended respectively to 24 and 33 days. At the refrigeration temperature of 100C, the longest storage period of 33 days was achieved for APFs packaged with lowdensity polypropylene. And the longest storage period of 42 days was obtained for APFs packaged in high density polypropylene and held at 50C.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0189-7241