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Amino acid composition and protein quality of white melon (<i>Cucumeropsis mannii</i>) flour

E.M Ogunbusola
T.N Fagbemi
O.F Osundahunsi


White melon (Cucumeropsis mannii) was separated into its major protein fractions.Amino acid composition of the seed flour and its protein fractions were determined using standard analytical techniques in the laboratory. Protein quality of the seed flour was evaluated using the invitro techniques. Results showed that glutamic acid is the most abundant amino acid (128.2 156.4 mg/g protein) while leucine is the predominant essential amino
acid (76.6 96.9 mg/g protein) in the seed flours. The limiting amino acids are methionine (6.2-11.9mg/gprotein), valine (23.5 44.7mg/g protein) and isoleucine (30.5 40.7mg/g protein). Globulin fractions had the highest overall protein quality.The biological value and the protein efficiency ratio of the seed flour is 39.1% and 2.7 - 3.6 respectively. The seed flour and its protein
fractions have potential as a good source of high quality plant protein for human consumption.

Key words: Cucumeropsis mannii, protein fractions, amino acid composition, protein quality.