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Chemical composition and mineral elements of edible insects (at larvae or adult stages)

I.C Nzelu


The Chemical Composition and Mineral Elements of two edible insects' larvae and termite soldiers were assayed. Their ash content were between 1.01% and 7.50%. The legless larva (LS) had 28.52% fat, while the solider ant had 7.14% and the Legged larva (LG) had 1.50%. The white ant (SA) had 15.61% protein while the LG and LS had 6.00% and 5.60% respectively. The LG

sample had the highest carbohydrate 49.01% followed by 27.86% and 5.86% from LS and LG respectively. The solider ant (SA) had the highest levels of Iron (Fe), Zinc (Zn) and Sodium (Na) with values of 8.60mg/100g, 2.01mg/100g and 22.44mg/100g respectively. The LG sample had highest quantities of calcium (Ca) 5.66mg/100g; Magnesium (Mg) 10.01mg/100g and Cobalt (Co) 3.00mg/100g. The LS sample had the least values in Iron (Fe) 0.01mg/100g and Calcium (Ca) 0.79mg/100g and also seems more inferior to others in its mineral element contents. The LS had highest lipid content.