Chemical composition and mineral elements of edible insects (at larvae or adult stages)

  • I.C Nzelu


The Chemical Composition and Mineral Elements of two edible insects' larvae and termite soldiers were assayed. Their ash content were between 1.01% and 7.50%. The legless larva (LS) had 28.52% fat, while the solider ant had 7.14% and the Legged larva (LG) had 1.50%. The white ant (SA) had 15.61% protein while the LG and LS had 6.00% and 5.60% respectively. The LG

sample had the highest carbohydrate 49.01% followed by 27.86% and 5.86% from LS and LG respectively. The solider ant (SA) had the highest levels of Iron (Fe), Zinc (Zn) and Sodium (Na) with values of 8.60mg/100g, 2.01mg/100g and 22.44mg/100g respectively. The LG sample had highest quantities of calcium (Ca) 5.66mg/100g; Magnesium (Mg) 10.01mg/100g and Cobalt (Co) 3.00mg/100g. The LS sample had the least values in Iron (Fe) 0.01mg/100g and Calcium (Ca) 0.79mg/100g and also seems more inferior to others in its mineral element contents. The LS had highest lipid content.


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eISSN: 0189-7241