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Production and quality assessment of probiotic yoghurt

J Onyibe
S Ojeniyi
P Ugokwe
J Mordi
R Ogundeji


Probiotic yoghurts were produced using lactic acid bacteria (probiotic) isolates code named CHC (probiotic) and HM7 (L. fermentum). Products were stored at different temperatures and evaluated for quality. Control yoghurt and probiotic yoghurts were assessed for changes in pH, taste and yoghurt flavour during storage at 28 30 C, 4 - 8 C and -7 C. The produced probiotic yoghurts had 3 weeks and 2 weeks shelf - life when stored at -7 C and 4 - 8 Crespectively. The probiotic isolates survived very well in yoghurt and did not impact negatively on product quality as compared with the control yoghurt. There was no change in pH of products during storage.

Key words Probiotics, Yoghurt, Acceptability, Quality, Gastrointestinal tract, Shelf-life