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Quality evaluation of three water sources used in the North Bank area of Makurdi Benue State, Nigeria

J.K Ikya
G Ibolden


The physico chemical, microbiological and sensory qualities of water from three sources :NASMEwater treatment plant (sample A), Kpeghe well and Kernel Stream (sample C) were determined using standard methods of water analysis. While samplesAand B were colourless and odourless, they had rusty and salty tastes respectively. SampleCwas cloudy, had a foul odour and a slightly bitter taste. There were significant (p<0.05) differences in all the chemical properties of the water samples, with samples A and C having the least and highest quantities respectively. While the pH ranged from 6.50 8.50, total hardness, calcium, sodium, lead and ammonia contents ranged from 0.00 0.50 mol/1000 dm, 9.80 21.00 mg/l, 0.40 27.00 mg/l, 0.00 3.00 mg/l and 0.00 0.50 mol/1000 dm for samplesAand C respectively. There were lower numbers of total viable organisms in sampleA(3.5x10 CFU/ml), while sample C had the highest numbers (4.5x10 CFU/ml) and sampleBhad 3.8x10 CFU/ml.

Keywords: Water treatment, microbiological contaminants, odour, taste, total hardness.