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Effect of Blending on the Composition and Acceptability of Blends of Unripe Banana and Pigeon Pea Flours

JC Anuonye
M Ndaliman
OU Elizabeh
MC Yakubu


Proximate composition, amino acid profile, trace minerals, functional properties and organoleptic evaluation of blends of unripe banana and pigeon pea flours were studied. The proximate composition of the blends showed that addition of pigeon pea significantly (p < 0.05) increased the protein from 2.40 – 14.48 + 0.11. Similarly, the ash, fat and crude fibre increased while carbohydrate content significantly decreased from 79.86 – 55.00 + 0.47. The amino acid profile showed that addition of pigeon pea up to 37.5% levels resulted in increase in all amino acids evaluated. The blend amino acid status was adequate for adult nutrition when compared to the FAO recommendations. However the blend was found deficient in lysine, leucine, iso-leucine and phenylalanine when compared with the FAO recommendations for infants. Increased levels of pigeon pea in the blend also resulted in significant increases in potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium and calcium. Similarly, increased levels of pigeon pea in the blend significantly increased the gelation concentration and foaming capacities while the bulk density, water absorption and oil absorption capacities significantly (p > 0.05) decreased. The results showed that blending of pigeon pea with unripe plantain would produce meals of balanced nutrient densities for adults.