Published: 2015-05-14

Effect of coat colour on heat stress among West African Dwarf sheep

AO Sanusi, SO Peters, AO Sonibare, MO Ozojie


Response of Japanese Breeder Quails to Varying Dietary Protein Levels in the Tropics

GS Bawa, LH Lombin, P Karsin, U Musa, E Payi, D Shamaki


Effect of honey-flavoured diets on the performance and relative organ weights of finisher broiler chickens

CO Obuna, MS Yahayab, OA Olafadehanc, AS Kehindea, OA Adeyemid, IU Farouka, DS Allisonb


Prevalence of Swine Diseases in Ijebu Division of Ogun State

AO Talabi, MA Oyekunle, JO Abiola, EO Makinde, SO Akinleye, RO Ettu, YA Oyejobi


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eISSN: 0331-2062