Characteristics of Reproductive Tracts of Repeat Breeders in Cattle

  • HI Kubkomawa
  • WD Nafarnda
  • JS Neils
Keywords: characteristics, reproductive tracts, repeat breeders, cattle, body conformation


The study observed the characteristics and assessed abnormalities in reproductive tracts of repeat breeders in cattle. Fourty (40) herds were sampled during the study and fifty seven (57) repeat breeders were identified. The animals had normal reproductive tracts with good body condition scores (BCS) ranging from 2.5- 4.5. There was no correlation between the ages and the body condition scores of the repeat breeders (r = -0.4576. Higher number of repeat breeders were found within the ages of 3 -6. Variation within the ages of the repeat breeders were not significantly associated. Physical and behavioral characteristics observed were: crystal clear eyes; appearing more like a castrated bull; physically strong; active; vibrant; alert; stubborn; wild; temperamental; aggressive and difficult to handle; very sensitive to their environment and have a quick idea of the presence of a stranger which they show by having their ears in erect disposition signaling a sign of insecurity and danger. They always appear as superior animals in the herds; and could even be used as draught or pack animals with a very good output. They could yield better meat compared to none repeat breeders in the herds. Thus, most repeat breeders are not sterile, have normal oestrus cycle every 18-24 days but rather suffer from lowered fertility resulting to huge economic waste due to more services; reduced milk yield; wide calving interval and culling rate. It was concluded that repeat breeders suffer from lowered fertility which results into reduced milk yield, wide calving interval and culling rate.  

Keywords: characteristics, reproductive tracts, repeat breeders, cattle, body conformation


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eISSN: 0331-2062