Biochemical and Haematological Indices of Weanly Albino Rats Fed Millet and Maize Based Complementary Weaning Food

  • LA Umar
  • Y Saidu
  • M Lawal
  • SA Maigandi


Malnutrition is a public health problem in Nigeria accounting for more than 50% of all childhood death. The current work evaluated some nutritional, biochemical and haematological indices of weanly albino rats fed millet and maize based complimentary weaning foods for 3 weeks. Two diets, MLMX and MZMX were compared on one hand and on the other with millet alone (MLA). Maize alone (MZA) diets was used as negative control and Frisocream (PC) as positive control.. The mineral profiles of the two groups of rats were significantly (p<0.05)different when compared. The growth rate of rats on these diets were not significantly(p<0.05) different and also compared well with the growth rate of rats on friscocream. The biochemical and haematological parameters indicated that the diets MLMX and MZMX may sustain effective growth and development in rats.

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 0794-5698