Repellency of Dettol, a Commercial Cleaning Product, Against Adult American Cockroaches Periplaneta americana (L.)

  • MM Yahaya
  • AY Clement
Keywords: Repellency, Periplaneta americana, Dettol


Dettol, a commercial cleaning product was tested for its repellent action against adults of Periplaneta americana (L.). Experimental cage was constructed with pieces of polypropylene plastic material to have a finished form measuring 30×30×60cm. Two cardboard shelters (for each trial) were assembled each 10cm square by size with an opening of 1.5×1.5cm to allow for free passage. One of the shelters was treated with undiluted Dettol, the other with water (control) prior to placement in the cage. Twenty five adult roaches were released in the cage also provided with water and 50g dog biscuit at each trial. The cage was placed close to the sunlight by midday over seven days observation period and the number of roaches in and close to the shelters were recorded three times by 30 minutes interval. Similar procedure was used when applying 1:37 and 1:74 dilutions of the product. A highest mean repellency (0.00±0.00) was observed in the treated shelter (TS) with undiluted concentration while the least (13.33±1.15) was in the control shelter (CS). Similarly, repellency was extended close to the treated shelter (CTS) than close to the control shelter (CCS). However, repellency was observed to be indirectly proportional to both concentration and exposure time. The active ingredient responsible for repelling the roaches in Dettol is discussed. Keywords: Repellency, Periplaneta americana, Dettol

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 0794-5698